Life of an Orphan Girl

She was an orphan.So she had to do all household chores and look after herself and her financial issues by herself.As she grew up she had to face a lot a lot of problems.She was alone but still she went through all the agonies of life all alone by herself.She was sexually harassed by almost every body.Each and every one took the advantage of her innocence and when she became an adult she was gang raped but instead of commiting suicide or giving up she choose to stand up and show the world that women are the divine beings.She was laying all alone by herself in the ICU but she thanked God to all the bruises and scars she got and all the abusers who abused her because she developed a sense of resistance later on she passed CSS and served her country country and took the world to the upmost height of peace 


 dignity and love.

‘Life is not a bed of roses ,and even if it is a bed of roses for someone there are thorns with every flower 



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