Department of Content Writing

Content writing department is one of the most active departments of APSU – We are having 40 plus members in this group – As such there are no strict rules and regulations but dignity, respect and rightful appreciation are few things on which no compromise is taken – we make sure to appreciate everyone and to provide them a good motivating and learning environment-Topics to write are assigned with three different options but writer’s always have the choice to write on their idea , wish or thought . The basic concept and mission behind building this group is to provide youth a platform to present their views in the form of writing and to get clarity about the topics they have less knowledge about – We appreciate unique and different ways to pen down the thoughts , and we believe writers are the biggest assets of our society , they are blessed with this skill of writing to display the hidden problems and good things about the society with the help of just a pen – and for that reason we don’t discriminate or judge anyone here and we allow them to write about anything and everything , without bounding them to any boundaries- except for the one to respect each other and to respect religious and political views of each other – We also display the writings of our writers on our Facebook and instagram pages ( again without any discrimination) just to bring to the fore our awesome talent –

Content Submission Form
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