Are you happy in your field?

Are you satisfied from the field you have chosen?
Are you happy working in this profession?
Or are you suffering from market saturation?
Are you unable to find a Job?
Are you unable to run a successful business?
Let’s discuss what problems you are going through?

Well, these questions are never asked but need to be asked frequently!
Sometimes someone is suffering really bad mostly when he/she is unable to find a good job!
When someone’s business is going in loss!
You are doing something different to make it unique or sometimes exactly same as other successful businesses or professionals are doing but unable to achieve goals!
Almost Every field in today’s world has saturation, there are fewer jobs and more graduates especially in developing countries. Salaries are not satisfactory nor the working environment is encouraging.
Our youth is going through depression, anxiety and suicidal problems due to this undiscussed issue.
We always criticize someone for not having a job, some believe that he/she hasn’t worked that hard to be able to occupy a good job or are not worthy of having a job! Society even badly criticizes and your family too, because your parents have spent their hard earned money to take you this far!
I truly believe that we must stay positive, we must develop ourselves, evaluate our knowledge and develop skills that are necessary to be successful.
But, I also believe that we must support all the suffering souls who are going through this harsh time!

Whatever problem you are going through in your Field just comment it down!
What’s your Field and are you happy in it?
Let’s discuss this!

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2 thoughts on “Are you happy in your field?”

  1. Syed Muhammad Usama

    My name is Usama, and I work as an accountant. However, I am disappointed with both the environment at my office and my skills. I simply want to know how I can achieve success in my life.

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