Meet Our Core Team

Hello ! Its Hajra Sani . A Student of Doctor of physical therapy, currently in 6th semester, doing it from Shifa Tameer e Millat university Islamabad. Adding into it , I am a writer and digital artist (illustrator) as well - I am serving right now as the head of content writing department of APSU - As per the motto learn and serve demands; APSU is full filling it absolutely - All Pakistan students union is the best platform for those , who want to learn and serve both - In accordance with the Learning process, it is providing different opportunities to learn new skills , platforms to showcase your abilities, your ideas and most importantly creating and maintaining a family like , cooperative,united and harmonious environment- For the serving feature, it is completely active and leading for the donations work , camps and different charity activities - Its really an honour to be a part of this great purpose, the APSU , the most welcoming, appreciative and serving organisation - Hajra Sani Head of content writing APSU
I Soha Farooq as Co-founder & Core Director of APSU, responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. Responsible for taking interviews/hiring and retention of competent, qualified staff. Furthermore, liable for decision-making, coaching, mentoring, developing the team’s skills. APSU, a non-profit welfare organization in Pakistan, imbued with a noble mission, having sincere love and affection for the humanity and a strong commitment to serve the COMMON PEOPLE without any discrimination. I extend my warmest felicitations to the Team of APSU in the years ahead I want to see APSU grow and expand beyond limits.
Hello I am Dr Sidra Ali Naqvi Graduate of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University. Currently specializing in neuromuscular physical therapy and working as research assistant.I am Director Rehabilitation APSU
Hello I am Mariam Noor Student of Pharm.D in Shifa Tameer e Millat University Islamabad. Passionate for arts I am working as director in arts department of APSU This organization APSU is giving us a plateform to learn in every possible field. Though medical camps we are getting experience in our medical field professionalism. And as a member of arts my skills are improving so much. Through these small thing we will be able to think beyond the box. You can get to compare your perspective with other thus improve your thinking. Similarly our other members are doing great jobs in writing and photography etc.
Alize Farooq Malik, Mphil American Studies in Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. I have put my trust in the goodness and purity of mankind, in the love that people have the ability to give and in the constant struggle towards a better future that is a part of human nature. That is why APSU is the organisation that sparks joy in me. It is owned by students, run by students and our focus is on the betterment of students. We aim to level the playing field to some extent, so that everyone could have access to the same kind of opportunities. So in some capacity, we could make a difference.
Hi, this is Rameesha Fareed, a final professional year PharmD student and currently the Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences at APSU. My role entails organizing and overseeing webinars related to the Pharmaceutical Sciences and other related events. Besides that I also enhance the outreach among my community and network. My experience so far has been wonderful. Everyone is very cooperative and exemplifies what true teamwork really is. I’m very happy to be associated with this student organization that works so relentlessly.
HAI am Mehwish Idress Coordinator APSU. Acording to me APSU is a platform where students can invest their positive energy in a productive manner. As with a motto of "Learn and serve" APSU is providing many opportunities to students to showcase their talent and Beside's it, APSU is trying to develop sense of responsibility among young people regarding their surroundings and society through multiple welfare activities and awareness campaigns. Alhamdulilah!! APSU is doing a great job by encouraging students to explore themselves. Best of luck to team APSU for their future goals..!! #staydetermined #keepdoing #proveyourselves #morepowertoAPSU
Hello I am Umama Khan Graduate of Shifa Tameer-e-Milat, 2021/ APSU Pharmaceutical Director and Head of Fundraising department/ Organizer of Free Medical Camps at APSU Organization/ Intern Pharmacist at MH. APSU is my family and am proud to be part of APSU.
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