Greed Under Love

Once upon a time a man was sitting on the bank of river, throwing stones and seeing ripples after that. He was drowning in the ocean of his thoughts. He suddenly heard ear catching music. it was so mesmerising and captivating tune. He reached in to the cave by following the notes. He saw a beautiful angel, cladded in starry golden dress, playing that tune. She told him that she had forgotten way of his destination . Would he please help her to find it out? It started darkening and he decided to bring her to his home. They fell in love with each other and got married. The man was blacksmith . One day he was working and wife was sitting beside him . A tool from his hand instead of striking iron struck his wife. She had got cut and it started bleeding. He run towards her and saw her blood was converting into gold after sometimes .it was so strange for him. He took all that gold and sold it into the market. When he knew about it that his wife’s blood could be converted into gold. That night he couldn’t sleep, his heart and mind were fighting with eachother. His mind said ” you will become millionaire, all your sufferings and hardships will finish ” His heart said ” Money can’t buy inner peace . You cannot get everything from money”. “Kill your wife at once in this way you cannot face agony repeatedly” said mind . ” No you won’t kill her. You love her . You cannot buy love from money” said heart. He was unable to differentiate between love and lust. In this way many days were spent. Atlast lust prevailed and he killed his wife with Axe inorder to get gold. He buried her in that cave where he found her. He collected all gold and sold it in the market. He became the richest man in city. One day he was sleeping and her ex wife came in his dream and cursed him” O stupid , little mind creature. You assassinated me for sake of gold . You an unfortunate man will get eternal damnation in this world and life here after. You prefer temporary thing over my love”. Another day when he woke up he felt very tormented. He lost his inner peace . Day by day he business declined because he didn’t take interest in working anymore. One day he was not left with a single penny to spend. Again he went to that place where he listened that music. Next day people found him slaughtered having the axe in his hand.

Moral lesson : The moral of the story that greed makes you to do those things that you do not want to do . Love and relations are more important than wealth. We search happiness in wealth not even realising that actual happiness and peace is in having faithful bond.

~Fatima Zaheen

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  1. It’s so good and the conflicts between love and greed are depicted very nicely. We need more and more stories like this which will educate us that greedy and materialistic characters can never get peace which is exist only in love.

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