Intensions matter

Intentions matter

We are not able to know the intentions of the people around us. We are not created this way. We are created human beings, the one who don’t have the ilm of what is going on in someone’s mind and heart. We don’t know anything except the knowledge Allah Pak has provided us. We can only see and observe. What we can see are the efforts the person is doing in front of us. We are not created to judge or assume about the things we don’t know. If someone is treating you nicely, be thankful to them. Don’t overthink or dig their intentions. Allah Pak is All-Seeing and All-Hearing. Its not our job to judge someone’s intentions. We are here to appreciate their efforts, either small as ant or big as elephant. We are here to be thankful. Don’t doubt on someone’s intentions. Be genuine and appreciate other’s efforts genuinely.
-Aqsa Roshan 🌹

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