Cause Behind Struggle

Inequality and poverty cause hardships in many communities and this is part of the test that Allah (SWT) gives to those that are comfortable or financially stable; to ensure we share our temporary wealth with his creation and show compassion to those less fortunate; for our wealth was given to us by Him and it can also be taken from us by Him. It is therefore upon us, as our duty, to help our fellow brothers and sisters in need and to share compassion for those who are suffering. Although generosity in giving to others and helping is a natural act of humanity – it is greatly rewarded in Islam, too. There is no suggestion or guidance on when you should give, although many people choose to give during the month of Ramadan, when the rewards are greatest for this life and in the Hereafter. APSU have many campaigns that run throughout year and we react quickly to support natural disasters and areas affected war and conflict. Your continued charity ensures our hard-working teams can continue helping those in Islamic communities and beyond.


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