Life, a memoir, a journey!

40 Inspiring Journey Quotes On Life | Get Life Back On Track

Life, a memoir, a journey!
Life, a name of constant struggle!
Sometimes smooth, sometimes harsh
Sometimes gives a way and
Intermittently become stranger.
It’s enormous the way it heals
It’s painful the way it hurts
But what it does,
It leads the way.
All over the age, shattered, broke, healed
Became stronger than before.
Lived in dreams, went through reality,
Accepted every part of life, made it ability.
One day, everything will find a way
Forget hurdles, just trust on possibility.
Life, may lead to happy ending
Or a tragic painful climax
But whatever happens,
Happen for a reason.
That’s life, not to tolerate it
Just work on it.
It can’t be best even can’t be worse
It’s be what its fate.
Having unconditional faith
Dream may come true but late.
That’s how it work
Try better luck.
_Mehak Junejo

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