Exciting Webinar Alert! Join us on August 20th at 9 PM for an insightful session on “Unveiling the Secrets of Quality Management in Healthcare”

Discover the key aspects of Quality Management Systems (QMS) as we delve into its history, the paradigm shift in quality within healthcare, and the vital culture of safety. Gain valuable insights into the tools for process improvement and the essential steps in enhancing healthcare quality.

Our distinguished speaker, Dr Nabeel Alvi a renowned expert in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, has an impressive array of credentials, including a Pharm-D degree, an MS in Healthcare Management, and certifications as a Lead Auditor and Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ). With a wealth of experience, including a Fellowship in Healthcare Quality and Hospital Administration from Shifa International Hospital, he is currently serving as the Head of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety at Ali Medical Center Islamabad.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the importance of QMS, different types of quality standards, and debunking common myths of quality. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a quality enthusiast, or simply curious about elevating healthcare standards, this webinar is tailor-made for you!

Mark your calendars for August 20th at 9 PM and get ready to enhance your understanding of healthcare quality and patient safety. Remember to register early to secure your spot and stay ahead in the realm of quality management. See you there!

Register now at https://forms.gle/HMTDvjE9WxxBG33i6

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