Trip 3.0

Islamabad to Patriata, Lunch at Alpine Resort Nathia Gali, and Visit to Upper Nathia Gali

Date: 4th June Sunday
Departure Time: 6:30am from Wah Cantt
7:30am from Islamabad
Return Time: 8:30pm


1. Departure from Islamabad: We will start our trip from Islamabad at 7:30am . Make sure to gather at the designated meeting point on time. We will provide comfortable transportation for the journey.

2. Travel to Patriata: Our first destination is Patriata, also known as New Murree. It is a scenic hill station located near Murree, offering breathtaking views and a pleasant climate. The journey from Islamabad to Patriata will take approximately 10:00am. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the picturesque landscapes during the drive.

3. Explore Patriata: Upon reaching Patriata, you will have some free time to explore the area. You can take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, or cable cart and chairlift . Don’t forget to capture memorable photographs.

4. Lunch at Alpine Resort Nathia Gali: After exploring Patriata, we will proceed towards Nathia Gali, another charming hill station nestled in the Abbottabad District. Around 1pm, we will reach Alpine Resort Nathia Gali, a popular accommodation option known for its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

5. At Alpine Resort Nathia Gali, we will indulge in a delicious lunch served at 3:15pm. The resort offers a variety of cuisine, both local and international, so you can savor your preferred dishes. The serene surroundings and pleasant weather will make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

6. Visit to Upper Nathia Gali: Following lunch, we will embark on a visit to Upper Nathia Gali. Upper Nathia Gali is located at a higher elevation and provides stunning views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The area is renowned for its lush green forests and captivating hiking trails.
We will spend a few hours exploring the natural beauty of Upper Nathia Gali, immersing ourselves in the refreshing atmosphere and taking in the scenic vistas. You can take photographs, go for a short hike, or simply relax amidst the picturesque surroundings.

7. Departure and Return: As the evening approaches, we will depart from Upper Nathia Gali at 6pm. We will make sure to be back in Islamabad by 8:30pm. The return journey will give you ample time to reminisce about the memorable experiences and enjoy the scenic drive back to the city.


Charges 3150 Rs
Perks included
– Transport from Wah Cantt and Islamabad
– Snacks at the start of journey
– Lunch at Alpine Resort
– Photography
– First Aid Services

Please keep in mind that the timings mentioned above are approximate and subject to change based on traffic conditions and other factors. We recommend following the instructions of the trip coordinator and adhering to the designated departure and return times for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

We hope you have a wonderful trip to Patriata, Alpine Resort Nathia Gali, and Upper Nathia Gali. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and create lasting memories during this excursion.

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