Top + 10 ways to raise capital for startup in Pakistan

Respected Readers, Unfortunately, as a nation, we are facing a very bad economic situation, and according to the current financial situation, if we start our own startups, we will play a vital role in decreasing the unemployment ratio, and our step will also be beneficial to Pakistan’s economic development. Yes, we can do some internships and jobs for experience, but only for a short period of time.
Let’s have a look on top + 10 ways to raise a capital:
1. Freelancing:
If you are a college or university going student in Pakistan and want to start your own business in future, freelancing is the best way to raise funds or capital for your business. Freelancing is an activity or art of selling services like graphics designing, web development, content writing, etc. in freelance writing market places like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
DigiSkill is the best free virtual educational platform for learning freelancing and other skills.
2. Teaching:
Through online teaching and part-time teaching, we earn extra income and invest this income in business. We start our teaching career on,,, YouTube, and other educational sites. Many people sell their courses on these types of sites.
3. Business Incubation Centre:
A business incubator is a good place to raise funds if you have a good business idea, professional skills, soft skills, and experience from an internship. Almost every university in Pakistan now has a business incubation centre.
4. Islamic Banking Loans:
Islamic banking loans are also a good ways to raise funds for business.
5. Sale of Products:
By selling products on different sites like we can raise funds for our business.
6. Not Money:
Capital for business is not require only for in shape of money, on the other hand practical knowledge is also require to run business, so it is also a capital, try to do internships and part time or remote job for experience only.
7. Start YouTube channel:
YouTube channel is also a good source of income; YouTube marketing is very important for running a successful YouTube channel; we can upload motivational videos, educational videos, and so on to our YouTube channel and earn money.
8. From our language:
Yes, we also earn money from our language by providing Urdu tutorial videos on On, we can sell our Urdu language course and earn money for capital.
9. Writing E-Books :
We can easily write e-books now on our curriculum and life skills topics and earn money from selling e-books.
10. Through translation services:
If you are fluent in several languages, you can provide translation services to both corporate and private clients. Either your own website or freelance marketplaces might be used for this.

Ye jo khushbo kisi aik wade ke hai
Is ke wirse ka hum istiara bane
Har taraf phelti be amarat me
Ho jo manzil nishan wo sitara bane
Arz ki ho who sarhad ke eman ke
Us pe parne na de dushmano ke qadam
Jo bhi sarhad ho us ke muhafiz hai hum
Mil ke bate ge sab khushi ho ke gham

Writer: Syed Muhammad Usama

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