Role of freelancing in economic development of students

Students play a vital role in economic development of country, with a strong educational background and bright students, any nation and especially Pakistan can build a strong economy. Students are an important asset for our beloved country Pakistan.
But unfortunately, our beloved country Pakistan has always been one of those countries that have made poor decisions in the past for their education policies. One of the biggest problems of students in Pakistan is financial crisis.
Freelancing play a vital role not only in economic development or economic freedom of students, they also help students in polishing and upgrading their valuable skills.
Here is the list of some important roles of freelancing,
1. Help Students in collection of fees :

Freelancing help students in collection of her schools fess, college fess, university fees, even there academy fees or vocational training institutes fees in Pakistan.

2. Source of Income :

Freelancing is a great source of earning money , many students in Pakistan earn money in dollars through freelancing by offering different valuable skills on different freelance marketplaces according to her field and choice.
Through money students help her family members in order to overcome family financial crisis.

3. Building capital for further education :

Through freelancing students easily, without investing huge time build high capital for further education in Pakistan, In Pakistan education is not cheap, so many student cannot continue their further studies due to this problem. Remedy for this barrier in education is only freelancing.

4. Learn the value of Discipline :
“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
Discipline is first step to become rich, without discipline no one become rich, through freelancing students learn the value of discipline and become a well-disciplined students and also a good earner.

5. Learn financial management :

Financial management is important for good earner without management earner waste his all time, wealth, efforts and also her skills, so that’s why financial management is important for freelancers students.
Student learns financial management through freelancing. Freelancing market places is amazing tool for learning financial management.

6. Learn time management :
Time is the one thing in life that you can never get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.
Time management is also a key factor for good earner or student. Time management plays a vital role in economic development of students. Through freelancing student learn time management, beside it he also learn goal setting and etc. which is very helpful for her.

7. Make opportunities for other students :

Through freelancing students not make their own life but they also make life of their friends and many more talented students. Through skills and learning, development mind-set students enhance their business at a large scale and provide jobs for many other students, through this way they make opportunities for many other students which is very helpful not only in economic development of students but it is very helpful in economic development of our beloved country Pakistan.

8. Charity :
“No one has ever become poor from giving.
By giving money, the money increases, not less, and the rest of the students can also complete their studies with this method, who for some reason, not participate in freelancing.

9. Contribution in GDP of Pakistan :

Through freelancing students play a vital role in economic development of Pakistan, in other words we say, students contribute high role in growth of GDP of Pakistan, which is very helpful for all of us.

10. Help students in meet non-educational expenses :

Un-study expenses or non-educational expenses means the expenses of bus fair, food expenses of students in their educational institute and etc. Through freelancing students bear all these type of non-educational expenses very easily, and save her parents or guardians money.

Writer: Syed Muhammad Usama

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