Last weekend was quite hectic. I had 5 events in those 2 days. 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. After thinking for days, I decided 1 event for both days and you know what, my decisions were not right this time. The things I prioritized this time gave me a rollercoaster of good and bad vibes. I will not say that both the events were hilarious but they were not as same as I attends normally. They were different- so much different. One day, people spoiled my day and the other day, I did it myself. I learnt a bunch of things this weekend from those 2 events that really impelled me into the ditch of overthinking or I would say negative thinking. Between all these chaos, I got some moments where I felt grateful to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala for so many things I didn’t realize before. I also realized that we don’t always get the best. Our decisions are not always right. We will miss something great somewhere sometimes while chasing our priority.
At the end of this process and experience, its okay. Its life. This will happen often. Don’t regret over your decisions. Accept your mistakes and learn. You will learn from your mistakes. Don’t think that you are not good at taking decisions. Sometimes, we have to experience the worst to get the best.
Grow. Move. Learn. Experience.


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