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Accepting yourself

A person who is on a journey to become a strong person forgets that IT’S OKAY TO NOT TO BE OKAY ALL THE TIME 🌝 There will be some days in which she has to agree that SHE IS NOT OKAY and it’s ABSOLUTELY FINE!
If you are not okay, then ACCEPT IT! By accepting it, you will not become weak. But by accepting it, you will become more stronger because ACCEPTION IS KEY TO STRENGTH.
Acception within you is very important while dealing with lots of thing together, either it is an Acception of being tired or Acception of being NOT OKAY!
You know what girls, solution for half of our problems is hidden within this ACCEPTION , Acception of having a problem!
Psychology says that how big your problem is, if you accept that yes I have a problem and I have to solve it then your half problem is already solved. And the remaining solution is hidden in finding the reason behind that problem.
If you accomplish in finding the reason behind it, so BRAVO ! You got the solution and the solution is working on that reason!
-Aqsa Binte Roshan

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